Self-care is where you 🫵 as an Empath need to put your focus.

If y'all knew me just a year ago, you'd see the difference in who I am now

I was so busy fighting 🤬 with my loved ones because they weren't making me feel loved and understood

I always felt so drained 😞 and overwhelmed because life was always so fucking chaotic 🌪

I felt disconnected from everything, especially myself 🫥

The decision of putting myself first and making self-care a priority really changed everything for me.

☯Yin Yoga has been it for me.

Yin has given me the space to slow down 🦥 tune into my body 🧘‍♀️ and connect with my emotions.

Yin has shown me a greater sense of self-awareness 🤓 and allows me to process and release any emotional energy ✨️ I may have absorbed from others.

Yin has shown me that stillness 😌 and quiet is how i can have a deeper connection with myself, my loved ones, and nature.

Yin has taught me how to love me

Wholly. Deeply. Unconditionally.

I don't NEED the outside validation👂 from anyone anymore, because Yin and my self-care practice has shown me that "I" am everything I need 🥰

This is why I've become so

❤️‍🔥passionate❤️‍🔥 about Yin Yoga,

And how self-care and stillness is what you as an Empath truly need to start your healing journey.

🔥 Introducing 🔥

The Evolved Empath Monthly Membership

This nourishing & safe community offers:

This nourishing & safe community offers:

☯️access to all 8+ live Yin Yoga sessions +

☯️a library of recorded sessions + 

☯️member only sessions +

☯️a private commUNITY +

☯️resources & other modalities & trainings for your 5 Dimensional healing 🥰

You can start your Fuck Yes to Self journey for only 💲37 each month!

If you are ready to choose YOU and make your own emotional well-being a priority,

click the button below to apply!

Welcome to your Evolution, Empath 💋

P.S. check out my weekly class schedule here for 💲17 Drop-In classes


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