Hey, I'm Heather

​I wasn’t always a yoga teacher.

My love for it all started when I was at my deepest low point.

I had just left a loooonnggg toxic relationship. 

You know the kind….emotional and mental abuse, financial abuse, feeling unloved and trying to change who you are to be enough....🙄

​Once I FINALLY had the strength to leave

I needed something. I wanted to look forward to SOMETHING.  

And, let's be real......

I wasn't taking good care of myself, either. Alcohol to drown out the noise. Way TOO MUCH alcohol.

 I was craving a healthier body --

Emotionally, physically, mentally, AND spiritually.

Of course, we all hear how amazing yoga is, and I thought 'Fuck YEA, I am going to be so buff and sexy after a few classes!' 

Yeah, that's not the way it goes🤦‍♀️

And, I quickly learned......

​Yoga is about looking WITHIN yourself. 



Yoga isn't about how flexible you are. ( Shocker, right? ) 

You don't need to be flexible at all to come to your yoga mat, btw.....

It isn't about how fit you are either -- though there are some nice perks that do come along with this journey.

Yoga taught me to love ME

To be IN the moment. To slow down and really live for today.  To not take anything for granted.  

And that yoga is a never ending learning tool. ( Another shocker, am I right? ) 

I also quickly realized that yoga helped me as an Empath. I have learned new and healthy ways to control and release the emotional overwhelm, it has helped me gain confidence in myself and independence, while building strong and healthy boundaries.

Since then I received my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa/Hatha and recently received my 100hr in Yin Yoga, ( now specializing in Yin Yoga ) becoming a certified breathwork facilitator and meditation coach, as well as Reiki Master.

With years of my own spiritual journey and building a self-care routine, it has become my mission to help women just like you, to guide you through overcoming the emotional chaos, to help you cultivate a self-care practice and build healthy boundaries, and finally saying FUCK YES to Self.

While I may be "officially" titled Yoga TEACHER, I am always and forever a student as well. 

And I cannot wait to learn more on this journey with you 💖

Heather Linkens Yoga LLC.                                                                                                                                                              Lancaster PA 17601